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James Brett: The Sky Is A Distance From The Sea


With Winter now fully set in you might be ready to unleash the Christmas music and crank up the festive cheer. If this statement doesn’t apply to you then I suggest you pop in your earphones, go for a walk in the rain and whack on James Brett’s debut album “The Sky Is A Distance From The Sea”.


The latest offering from Brighton troubadour James Brett is an album packed with melancholy anthems that wouldn’t be out of place in a Wes Anderson movie. The album has a bitter haunting vibe and it really evokes the feeling of rainy nights sat indoors stewing about your past mistakes.


This album really feels like it was crafted for a purpose and that purpose is to be heard. Songs like “You and I” and “Comfort Zone” feel like somber reflections on past mistakes moulded into well crafted indie pop. “The Sky Is A Distance From The Sea” has a great balance sonically, ringing with eclectic guitars and flowing chord sequences that act as the perfect platform for the bitter sweet sound of Bretts vocal and poetic storytelling

This album is for fans of Alex Turner’s Submarine soundtrack and The Velvet Underground and Pulp and Blur. I’ll say Oasis as well to save myself an ear bashing. Look out for more from the James Dean of poets corner and please listen to the album in full as intended. This album is not to be shuffled.

available on all streaming platforms

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