After being in Leeds for the last 4 years, Demi is back down South and ready to bring some spicy flavours to the Cotswolds cus we need it and want it.

Fresh out of the education scene, Demi is just stepping her foot into the real world and so far loving it (kinda).

If she’s not two-stepping and grooving to her favourite tunes she’s trying to make her way into media production, listening to podcasts and getting her 5-a-day in!

Demi celebrates and spotlights musicians of colour. Taking you through her eclectic mix of sounds and influences from her Nigerian heritage.

If Demi can’t dance to the tune its not making an appearance!


Expect a whole fruit salad bowl of different beats and tempos, from afrobeats, Latin American jazz, a dip into dancehall and hip-hop and then two-stepping to the occasional UKG number.

But ofc there’s no limits or requirements, Demi is going to play and chat about whateva she’s feeling on the day. Each show could have a theme but there’s no pressure, its a free-flowing hour so she’s happy to see what happens…
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