Tipsy Toes lives in the beautiful town of Minchinhampton in the Cotswolds with her hubby Reuben (AKA The Lone Traveller) and her 2 children Noah and Dotty.  She started climbing the Incapable Staircase at the beginning of lockdown when her brother James (co-founder) gave her the challenge of doing an hour’s slot as a forfeit on a family Zoom pub quiz, and she hasn’t looked back.

The challenge has taken her out of her comfort zone and boosted her confidence (and gin intake) massively.  It has also enabled her to fall back in love with music and is loving exploring and finding new songs to play for you all.


Fridays @ 6.30PM

Tipsy Toes plays songs that make her heart leap and want to get up and dance … mostly!  Sometimes she will have a theme, sometimes not, basically her show will often reflect on the week she’s having and how she’s feeling.  There are no hard and fast rules really, just lots of giggles and waffle.

She first fell in love with music when she discovered Shawaddywaddy on Top of The Pops.  Moving on then to Adam and his Ants and then fell heavily into the grunge scene.  Tipsy has seen lots of big singers and bands live and big gigs; Madonna, Prince, David Bowie, Metallica, JK, Sisters of Mercy, to name a few.  She also loves country and pop music, so you never really know what you’re gunna get!