grass roots radio for a global ear

Like any true creative endeavour, this community was born out of limits imposed. At a time when connections were under threat and where communities closed down, incapable staircase stepped up

incapable staircase takes a 'catch up with your mates down the pub' and throws it out worldwide for any fellow to find.

connecting people by drawing on some of life's simple pleasures. sharing music, sharing ideas, sharing time and 'waffling' conversation. the incapables welcome any audio traveller into their warm and fuzzy embrace

the variety from incapable staircase reflects the people that make it happen, on any given day. tune in and you might find us striding two sweet-sounding stairs at a time or kneeling on the naughty step with mischievous intent - hell, we'll even slide down the bannister, whip on our festival clobber and take this bad boy on the road

each broadcast has its own flavour, without steer or restriction from outside. every DJ has the space and support to create what matters to them, which, through the power of radio, matters to you too.

there is no blueprint, there is no script

keep it incapable

stay on the staircase