“Half a denary for my bloody life story?”……”There’s no pleasing some people”…..”That’s just what Jesus said, Sir!” Daniel Son (Dan) was born, He had a great childhood, He permed his hair and had it bleached (not at the same time!). Now at 46 years old, Dan lives his life on the edge every day by making sure the school runs, food shopping (WINE!) and career path are all in sync and running smoothly….YES it’s THAT thrilling!

But joking aside, Dan has and does get up to mischief whenever the mood takes him, Even staying up past 10PM on some nights, He tells us he is a born again mad man! And based on this we believe him!


Tuesdays @ 8.30PM

Daniel Sons show is a random collection of tunes from any genre, any decade, any geography. The show picks itself by always having a running theme, from BIG Festival headliners to Songs with a connection. Themes run for as long as they need to (or until the listeners get bored!), So tune in and have some fun and play along with him in his quest for game participation.

Lick your pencils, Shake your pens, Shuffle shuffle your paper…get ready, get steady and Gooooooooooooooooo….