Glyn and Soo a couple from deepest Devon. One a scientist one an artist/designer, both grew up by the ocean, One in Devon, one in Pembrokeshire hence the “Puffins n Pasties” show name.

They aim to pull you in to Saturdays with a eclectic mix of music from across a wide angle of influences, from noise, sludge guitars to quiet, soft post punk and across to hip hop.

Nothing is off the menu. If we like it we play it. Light hearted chat and music to bend your ears.


Tuesdays @ 12.00PM
Saturdays @ 12.00PM

You can expect a wide range for music comprised of Soo’s love of anything that gets you dancing and Glyn’s love of blues though to D.C hardcore. They will play it all from Old man gloom to Phill Collins and any thing in between.

Always looking for new sounds with out ignoring what’s gone before. Come join us, chat to us o via the website. Every one’s welcome at Castle Swift, Saturday’s @12