I’ve been all about music for most of my life. Used to play Breaks as part of Bristol’s [Dissident] sound system in the 00’s. Been making electronic music since then too as Gyu (Guy-You – based on me mispronouncing a character from Street fight 2 and changing a letter)

For a while I was doing weekly livestreams me performing all my own materiel for an hour or so. Nowadays I’m focussing on making music for sync licensing.


Saturdays @ 7.30PM

Melloman is a Russian expression that means ‘a person who really loves music’ In the show I really just play whatever I feel like, which tends to range from chilled downtempo, hip-hip, folk, funk, jazz, soul, and a variety of dance music.

I’m sometimes joined by my good friend Chris Hall who adds his own out-there choices to the mix.