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Who is Dave Sturdy?

I've always loved records. I like the hunt and the buzz of getting hold of a copy on splattered marbled vinyl or in a limited pop-up silver-foiled sleeve.

The removal of the shrink-wrap and the reveal of centrefold artwork. Sliding out the inner bag and feeling the weight of the disc. Lowering the needle then sitting back to listen to what pops out the speakers while forensically pouring over the sleeve.

I'm at my happiest when the music, the art, and the production are all great – then they combine to form shiny treasure.

The age of the super deluxe box set has been particularly expensive for me.

Dave Sturdy's Super Deluxe Box Set



 @ 4:00 PM

The weekend starts here. Sack off work. If you have been foolish enough to book any meetings, just cancel them. Set up a bounce-back email that says you're too busy to get back to them until Monday. Mute your phone. Have a beer or maybe a gin.

Delve into Dave Sturdy's Super Deluxe Box Set for a mix of classic tunes, new stuff, and rare cuts interspersed with nerdy chat about the records I've bought this week.
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