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Gapcracker's Jams


Music plucked out of chaos that is modern living for us
But an accompaniment to our existance
Music can not only be heard, it can accompany more than just one sense.
Seeing music
Sensing music
Feeling music
Touching & embracing it
Gapcracker's selections are a self indulgent playtime of the gods who smile upon one of their own.
For this reason, he will only play music that he likes
One day he will crack, that is for sure
But only after all the gaps have been exploited
If you happen to tune in or out, enjoy the choices


3:00 PM

Who is Gapcracker ?
She had to write a piece about Mr G.
It became increasingly difficult the more she learnt about this man.
On the surface he was physically unattractive & egotistical.
His character was shallow & obnoxious
If you looked up Dunning-Kruger effect, his name was right up there
All she could say, was his musical tastes & choices were banal & vanilla.

How wrong could a journalist be!
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