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Who is Laa Dee Daa?

Co-Founder of Incapable Staircase, music maker and DJ for the past 30 years; my influences come from a life spent dancing in fields to all manner of underground music.

Growing up in the South West of England in the early 90s; 50 minutes from Bristol and 2 hours from London, there were plenty of opportunities to immerse himself in the growing movement of the underground electronic music scene.

Laa Dee Daalights



 @ 7:30 PM

Mix of old and new electronic-based music that gets my grip. Flavours from Brazil, Africa, America, and the UK (and pretty much anywhere really). If it’s got a groove and makes you wanna move… it gets in.

Some chat, some tracks, and some blending of tunes, hopefully reminds you of going out or even in – whatever floats ya boat.
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