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Cookin' With... Mammoth Sessions


Cookin' With... Mammoth Sessions is a show about musical discovery, with Leon welcoming listeners into the Mammoth Sessions studio to discover new and exciting music from across the world.


2:30 PM

Who is Mammoth Sessions ?
Mammoth Sessions is the DJ project from Leon Frey. It's about good times on the turntables, connecting with others through musical discovery and captivating beats, revelling in the Charlie Brown essence of carefree wonder all with the help of far-flung grooves and halcyon plays.

The emphasis of each show and live set is connection, which is why you won't find Leon being sheepish about the origins or details of a track being played. Quite the opposite. You're more likely to find vinyl sleeves being passed around the dancefloor as Leon emphasises the value and importance of tangible experience.

Between crate digging and cassette swapping, Leon brings Mammoth Sessions to both venues and airwaves, curating an extensive collection of music for showcases of feel-good rhythm and earnest spins. And, when not bringing together worldwide album obscurities, Leon's name can be spotted in print, writing about and interviewing artists across the globe.
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