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Who is Steve Vaughan?

Steve Vaughan is your archetypal aging rocker. Born in the 60's, and fed a musical diet of Bowie, Stones, Faces etc by his older siblings, Steve's adolescent years were punctuated with regular trip to the record store to blow his pocket money. 6th form years were musically full of Rush, Floyd, Zeppelin and Tull, and this only grew when he went to Birmingham University to study chemistry in the early 80's. Most of Steve's working life has been in sales and sales management in life sciences; however 10 years ago Steve jacked the corporate life in to become a professional wedding photographer with his wife Samantha. Since the pandemic, Steve also is a sales trainer and business coach. Steve had 5 grown up kids (a mix of genetic and step) and wonderfully became a grandad in the summer of 2023! Steve lives with his wife Samantha in Bicester, Oxfordshire!

Steve Vaughan Rock Show



 @ 5:00 PM

The Steve Vaughan Rock Show is, not surprisingly, a rock show! Each week Steve plays a mix of classic rock, blues, prog, country rock, new wave, metal and all the stations in between. Most shows have a weekly theme that connects all the songs. A mix of music and chat, Steve show is for all lovers of the broad church that is rock. Suggestions for songs, themes or playlists are ALWAYS welcome!
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