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Tipsy plays songs that make her heart leap. She’ll share a variety of playlists with you; chilled out sounds, noisy tracks, pop and sometimes themed, even the odd quiz … anything goes really! Often her show will reflect on the kinda week that’s been had.

Tipsy’s first memory of music as a child was falling head over heels with the singer of Showaddywaddy on Top of the Pops. She fell heavily into the grunge scene in the 90s and has seen lots of the big uns out there; Madonna, Prince, David Bowie, Metallica, Suede, JK, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, and loads more.

You never really know what you’re gonna get … just how she likes it!


6:30 PM

Who is Tipsy Toes ?
Tipsy started climbing the staircase at the beginning of lockdown when her brother James (co-founder) gave her the challenge of doing an hour’s slot as a forfeit on a family Zoom pub quiz, and she hasn’t looked back. The challenge took her completely out of her comfort zone but boosted her confidence massively.
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Have a great show Tipsy Toes!
December 8, 2023
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