Beefy Kirton aka Jake Kirton aka DJ KEY LEXY THE 1ST. This dude has been playing in the south west of England since the turn of the century, although he looks and sounds quite young, he is actually older than time itself. This is why he affiliates wholeheartedly with the humble cow. No other beast has supported man so much, since the dawn of time.

"I woke up at the crack of dawn this morning… “


Wednesdays @ 9.00PM
Fridays @ 11.00PM

Expect a bit of a twat basically, fueled on alcohol and too many BBC radio 1 DJ’s. This DJ will play some house party “classics” along with everything else from cutting edge “HipHop to RnB Dancehall n DnB” with maybe a light sprinkling of “cheddar cheese”, with a swift kick of bassline house. “If it’s Phat and Heavy it gets a play!”

He’s also not afraid to make you cry! As well as dance your pants off! Prepare to be stimulated audioly, because failing to prepare for the party is failing to prepare for life.



Whats the beef

His first “proper” gig was new years eve 1999. Before this, Jake “Beefy” Kirton was a nightclub promoter at the tender age of 17, back in a local nightclub called The Zone aka the Back bar of the Pelican. The younger brother of a legendary Hip Hop DJ Ben Kenetic he was always destined to be great.

Spurned on by his brothers mad skillz the pair entered DMC championships in the same year. Although Jake could barely scratch Ben, fared well and only just missed the final that night.

House parties were thrown at Jake’s house from the amazing age of 13 years old. Ben used to DJ so the Legend begins. Jake Bought his first pair of decks when he was just 18. The house parties continued . This had a natural progression to various clubs in the local area, Bristol, in the awesome Thekla , Blue Mountain, Lokota, Timbuktu, and of course there has been Glastonbury's.


Nearly a veteran of radio, his first radio show was recorded on a reel to reel at the innocent age of 7. Picking up the radio again years later with the now defunct StroudFM he would turn down opportunities to front for Glastonbury FM and BBC Radio1. Incapable Staircase what have you found in this DJ?.

He’s a music producer, a solo artist, a DJ, a radio host and an all round jolly nice guy. What a Tallent! Stay tuned weekly for cutting edge music, dance classics, witty banter, slow jammy sexiness soul and phat beats.

Playing everything from American RnB to U.K Drum n Bass this is a House party that you will struggle to forget.