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Growing up an army brat meant a fair bit of moving around, where I became introduced to different cultures and people from all walks of life. I currently live in a small borough in the South West of England and work full time as a Digital Producer and have recently started a part time course learning about Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health.
Film is a big part of my DNA which makes sense given I studied it at University. Film critiquing (and being a bit of a snob about them), as well as reading autobiographies from those in the industry are at the very top of my hobbies. Likewise, music is something I am passionate about and I believe everyone should be too. Musical preference says a lot about people and can be very personal and interpretable, which is as it should it be.
Often saying I was born in the wrong era, most of my music preferences, and sometimes obsessions, are from decades before I was born. Majorly into music from the 60’s, particularly the counter culture era, 70’s rock, 80’s industrial and 90’s dance and hip hop, nothing much is off the table.


Thursdays @ 9.30PM
Playing a selection of genres, sounds and decades to help lighten the load.
‘The pressure, of a name……Cinder-fu (you know the rest)….’ Kit De Luca was right when it came to deciding on a name for the show. Starting with ‘anything goes’ because there isn’t one particular genre of music that sums up the shows content.
‘Within reason’ is because there are some things that I just won’t play, but we needn’t spend time discussing that. When I say to ‘help lighten the load’, I don’t mean I’ll only play songs to make you sing along to, or feel happy, but more that sometimes we need music as an outlet, good or bad, to help ease whatever it is we’re going through.
I have good days and bad days and music often helps me take a bit of time to reflect on what I’m feeling and just…let it go. Sometimes though, I just want to sing as loudly as possible and dance until I can’t breath, and that’s just fine. Hopefully the show offers the same for anyone listening.


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