‘Please Her’ originally hails from the Midlands, currently residing in Wiltshire. If she’s not at the beautiful country manor house hotel she works at, you will find her holding Yoga classes, practicing Yoga or on the dance floor. Not one for taking long breaks, her heart is open to marketing, Yoga, dancing and music.

Having been brought up in a musical household, dramatic to say the least, she’s been listening to all different genres of music from the time she was in the womb. Striving to find her own groove and feeling blessed whenever a new piece of music finds her acquaintance.

She’s forever grateful to have met Daniel-Son many moons ago on a park bench in Tetbury. This meeting eventually threw her into the arms of the Bridgeman family and she has not looked back since.


Saturdays @ 3.30PM

Having had her first lucky taste of Incapable Staircase as guest caller on Traveller’s Tales, Daniel-Son and Tipsy Toes shows, she felt it was about time to take the armbands off and swim in the great ocean of having her own show

Jam packed with musicians, producers, lyricists and song writers that are not so well known and are brilliant. Veering towards dance, electronic, drum & bass, pop, alternative rock and indie.