Ever since I read a book as a teenager where the protagonist falls in love with a moody goth with excellent music taste who did a community radio show it has been my dream to a) have my own community radio show b) become the moody goth with excellent music taste I want to see and date in the world.

Hailing from Dublin’s fair city I literally cannot wait to share my dulcet, over-excited tones with you all. My music taste has evolved over the years (I used to be an emo who was embarrassed about liking pop). I am no longer an emo nor am I embarrassed about liking pop. That’s growth.


Tuesdays @ 5.30PM (bi-weekly)

Come for the sad girl bangers, pop anthems and intersectional feminism. Stay for the book and film recommendations as well as excellent interviews with excellent guests.

This show is designed to be the warm hug we all need this year. As well as pop and sad girl bangers there’ll be R&B, occasional bouts of post-punk and a smattering of whatever takes my fancy. By the end of each show my aim is that everyone will be typing “how to vogue- beginners tutorial” into Youtube.