Bristol born and bred, lover of being positive and can usually be found either running her Marketing Business, down the pub, being told off by her daughter for not pronouncing her T’s properly, walking the dog or up the stables.

Forever ambitious and a bit of a daydreamer. Newbie to the Incapable family and has a wide range of musical taste covering all decades and genres.



Come sit down and have a chat about things that are bothering you or something you want clarity on. Perhaps you’ve just had a bit of a crap time lately and want to get it off your chest?

Whether it’s work, family, relationships, friend issues, kids or something else, even funny stories you’d like to share! Get in touch and join Sophie’s Space where you’ll receive an impartial view on things. It’s a lighthearted, comfy space so expect to hear a mix of chilled tunes and positive, uplifting beats. Disclaimer in advance – this isn’t professional advice and no offence is intended if you don’t hear what you want!