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Coming up on 7th March, interview with Dame Laura Lee, CEO Maggie’s Cancer Centres on Derek & Steve's Sunday Show.

11 hours ago

HUW JANUS at 5pm
It's A London Thing

Join Huw Janus from 5pm playing a selection of brilliant songs inspired by London.

There are thousands of songs about London. Of course there are: musicians and ... See more

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CORINNA at 2.30pm
Away With The Fairies

In this week's show, you’re going to be spending the whole week with Away with the Fairies. Chase away those Monday feels with songs that take you right ... See more

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BARON DENDEN - Midnight till 2am

Going to be exploring summer party vibes tonight. Baron DenDen, Washed Up Has Been, relives the glory days on-air, midnight till 2am on Incapable Staircase.

2 days ago
Photos from Incapable Staircase's post

It is almost Sunday again which means it is time for 'The Sunday Show’ with Derek & Steve. This week they are in conversation with Miriam Margolyes. Miriam is thoroughly lovely and very honest, ... See more

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BISCO at 6pm
Disco Biscuits & Gravy

Retreat to Cornwall's Forgotten Corner with @bisceeezy for the rugby come down.

Winning sounds from Nérija, Sonzeria, Toshio Matsuura Group, Anchorsong, and ... See more

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Talulah is 23 year old recording artist, founder of Lavaland Studios & all round creative based in East London. She was raised in the Canary Islands to British parents so often draws on her dual identity to influence her projects.
Talulah released her first collection of singles between 2019 & 2020 and is set to release her next EP in 2021.


Mondays @ 10.30AM
Lavaland is a space that promotes freedom. It will often invite stillness and movement at the same time. A place to call home on a Monday morning.
Listen as Talulah takes you on a journey with each show to a new world and invites deep exploration.
We’ll go through the raw moments in Afro-beat of both then & now, dive into Herbie Hancock’s dreamscapes to ease you into your day, turn to the modern philosophers and rappers of London for insight, dive inwards with the sweet sounds of Cleo Sol, celebrate Talulah’s roots by exploring the emotions behind flamenco & have conversations with the people actively making and releasing music within the Lavaland collective.
This show may feel like the hot sun in the saharan desert or it may feel more like you’ve just stepped out of a fresh shower.
Either way it will give you what you need to start your week right.


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