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Coming up on 7th March, interview with Dame Laura Lee, CEO Maggie’s Cancer Centres on Derek & Steve's Sunday Show.

11 hours ago

HUW JANUS at 5pm
It's A London Thing

Join Huw Janus from 5pm playing a selection of brilliant songs inspired by London.

There are thousands of songs about London. Of course there are: musicians and ... See more

13 hours ago

CORINNA at 2.30pm
Away With The Fairies

In this week's show, you’re going to be spending the whole week with Away with the Fairies. Chase away those Monday feels with songs that take you right ... See more

2 days ago

BARON DENDEN - Midnight till 2am

Going to be exploring summer party vibes tonight. Baron DenDen, Washed Up Has Been, relives the glory days on-air, midnight till 2am on Incapable Staircase.

2 days ago
Photos from Incapable Staircase's post

It is almost Sunday again which means it is time for 'The Sunday Show’ with Derek & Steve. This week they are in conversation with Miriam Margolyes. Miriam is thoroughly lovely and very honest, ... See more

2 days ago

BISCO at 6pm
Disco Biscuits & Gravy

Retreat to Cornwall's Forgotten Corner with @bisceeezy for the rugby come down.

Winning sounds from Nérija, Sonzeria, Toshio Matsuura Group, Anchorsong, and ... See more

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Jose / Jos “B” aKa The Record Bloke He is a bloke. He likes records. He is the Record Bloke. Nuff said? 🙂 He will flick through countless boxes of vinyl, He will scan the most remote corners of the digital music world, He will ask every man and his dog about a particular tune…anything that takes to squeeze another melody, rhythm, pattern in to his tangible (and sentimental) music collection.
His repertoire of music fluctuates from exquisite afro-funk, summery bossa-nova Brazilian, old and “nu” disco that invites people to boogie like there’s no one watching; all the way to dirty and “dancefloorey” house, profound and millimetric deep-house that will make you question what direction to take and spacey techno to make you feel abducted in plain sight by aliens.
Representing the warm and sunny south coast of Spain where folklore music played an important part in the lives of almost every kid or adult, this geezer came to the UK in 2012 to go down a different road and become an incapable more – he believes in faith and assures that this was meant to happen.


Thursdays @ 8.00PM
His radio show “All the gear no idea” will serve you with all the above music wise and some waffle to garnish. A strong Spaniard accent will most likely be noticed by the listeners. If you can’t handle it then Adios! XD


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I want to be that bloke that helps you to dig out that jewel that once occupied a place in your record box, that tune that got you into certain music genre or the one that was played at that concert/festival/event/house party/club that is stuck in your head and that you would like to reconnect with and own as part of your collection once again.

Ever since I thought of creating this website, I have understood the come-back of the importance of vinyl not only as the almighty return of the nostalgic format, but also as a way to interact with people around the world who I share common music interests with, and who I will hopefully become more knowledgeable with about genres and record labels.

I would love for you to come and talk to real human beings who are using this website as a social platform both to facilitate not only the purchase of records but also to talk alongside each other about our passion: MUSIC!

So have a look around and if you ever need a hand or have any questions, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best and happy digging!

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